Homeless person perfectly shuts down anti-vaxx protest 1 month ago

Homeless person perfectly shuts down anti-vaxx protest

Ray-1, Anti-vaxxer- 0

The arguments of a group of anti-vaxxers in Los Angeles were dismantled with just six words by a homeless man that was nearby.


On Saturday, anti-vaxxers swarmed Hollywood Boulevard equipped with placards that had the usual anti-vaxx catchphrases scrawled across them.

In a clip posted to Twitter, one protester grips a megaphone while shouting that the virus cannot be as deadly as experts claim.

Turning to the bystanders, they shouted, "Do you see all of these homeless people around? Are they dead in the street with COVID? Hell no. Why?"

Then, in the jaw-dropping moment of the century, a homeless man shouted: "Because I'm vaccinated you dumb f***!"


The protester is visibly shocked, stuttering for a moment. After you see the cogs turning for a moment, she begins spouting other rambling conspiracy theories.

The video has since gone viral, with everyone offering their own take on the run-in between the anti-vaxxer and the homeless man.

The man has since been identified as Ray and describes as "super-intelligent with a gentle demeanor".


While the owner of the video has suggested setting up a Gofundme for Ray, others have begun tagging government officials in the post in the hopes of getting him off the streets for Christmas.

Others are simply revelling in the victory.

"Perfection is rare, but it happens occasionally," one Twitter user wrote.

"The worst part is how people talk about homeless community members like they're furniture or can't fuckin hear,"  said Arielle.
Another Twitter user pointed out that 75 per cent of homeless people are vaccinated in the US, which is actually higher than the 56 per cent of Republicans to have received the vaccine.