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01st Jul 2023

Man jumps over barrier at 800ft canyon for prank then slips in terrifying video

Steve Hopkins

‘I always wondered as a kid how people fall into canyons like this’

Heart-stopping footage shows the moment a man’s prank at a national park could have easily ended in tragedy.

In a video posted to Reddit earlier this week, an unknown man is seen running and then vaulting himself over a guard rail at Bryce Canyon, Utah.

He lands on his feet, but slips down a steep slope, stopping just inches from the edge.

Bryce Canyon is famous for its unique geology and sits within a park covering 35,835 acres of land and features drops of 800 feet (240 metres) from the cliff tops to the base of the canyon. Protective barriers stop people from slipping off the edge.

The Reddit post was quickly upvoted by thousands of Reddit users, receiving hundreds of comments calling out the risky – and stupid – actions of the prankster, MailOnline reported.

“I always wondered as a kid how people fall into canyons like this, I never would have guessed this was why,” a top commenter shared

Another wrote under the video: “I was standing on that same overlook about a month ago. that sh*t drops 800 ft.”

“This video made me curse in French, I don’t even know French,” another said.

According to a previous article, the stunt took place in 2022.

In the video, the woman recording the stunt lets out a scream as the man slides toward the edge before he is able to bring himself to a stop.

The seven-second clip ends with the man at the edge with his arms outstretched.

Park spokesperson Peter Densmore said: “Considering that this occurred at one of the park’s most popular viewpoints and dislodged rocks onto the heavily trafficked Navajo Loop below, we are extremely thankful that no serious injuries occurred.”

Densmore said park rangers are “always on call to respond to emergency situations that inevitably happen”, but stressed that dangerous behaviour “puts everyone at unnecessary risk”.

“Signs, barriers and regulations are in place for the safety of all of our visitors and the protection of this special place,” he added.

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