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26th Sep 2022

Man hasn’t put arm down for 10 years – and this isn’t even a world record

April Curtin

Another man has been doing it for nearly 50 years

A man in India hasn’t put his arm down in a decade as a mark of respect to his God.

In a video gaining attention on Reddit, the man is being interviewed with the help of the translator – while keeping his arm up the whole time of course.

In the conversation, the man confirms he keeps his arm up so that God “notices him”.

The interviewer is unsurprisingly intrigued by the practicalities of keeping your arm up for a whole ten years. But the man actually seems very chilled about it all, stating that “sleeping isn’t an issue”  and that he “doesn’t even notice it anymore” because his arm is now “senseless”

When asked how much longer he’s going to keep it up, the translator said: “He hasn’t decided anything yet, but he’ll keep it like that his whole life. But he hasn’t decided yet, he doesn’t think of the future, he just lives in the present”.

You can watch the video here:

The man’s ability certainly wowed viewers, and made them question their own endurance.

“I went on a 10 minute jog yesterday and it felt like 10 years,” one commented.

But crazily, this man is by no means winning the record when it comes to arm-raising.

Father-of-three Amar Bharati quit his bank job to dedicate his life to Shiva, a Hindu deity and symbol for his desire for world peace. He has been raising his hand since 1973, so almost 50 years.

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