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23rd Jul 2022

Minister drinks ‘holy’ river water to prove it’s safe- gets rushed to hospital

Kieran Galpin

His representatives have claimed it was a routine hospital visit

A government minister from India was videoed drinking “holy” river water to prove it’s safe to the locals, only to be rushed to the hospital a few days later.

Bhagwant Mann, Chief Minister of Punjab, was rushed to hospital after drinking contaminated river water. The official drank water from the Kali Bein as part of the annual cleaning of the river on July 17. The founder of Sikhism is said to have found enlightenment at the Kali Bein.

The now-viral video shows Mann scooping a glass of water from the river before downing the drink.

The Punjab unit of his political party, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), confirmed that he drank the water on Twitter, where they wrote: “Holy water at Sultanpur Lodhi, the land touched by Guru Nanak Sahib’s [Sikhism founder] feet.”

But just a few days later, the minister was airlifted to New Delhi from his home in Chandigarh city after complaining of a persistent stomach ache.

He was rushed to Apollo Indraprastha Hospital in Sarita Vihar, where he was admitted overnight so a multi-disciplinary team could treat his infection. According to the New Indian Express, Mann underwent several tests and was then released.

Many have connected the sudden illness to drinking the river water, but representatives of the minister deny such accusations. Instead, they say he visited the hospital for a routine checkup.

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