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03rd Apr 2015

Leaders debate: Footballers have #opinions on politics

Rational thoughts from footy stars - who knew?


The worlds of football and politics collided last night as some pretty frank views were shared across Twitter during the seven-way Leaders’ Debate.

Leaders from each of the seven largest political parties took two hours we’ll never get back as they answered questions on their policies ahead of May’s General Election.

And several past and present football stars took to Twitter to voice their opinions – which weren’t especially flattering.

Potato-snack salesman and broadcaster Gary Lineker gave Ukip’s leader Nigel Farage both barrels, tweeting: “Always reluctant to offer a political view, but Farage is a d*ck.”

(Personally, I find Gary’s opinion on starchy carbohydrate-based foodstuffs to be largely accurate, and I can’t see anything in this statement of the bleedin’ obvious to change my mind.)

Rio Ferdinand wasn’t impressed either, blaming the politicos on show of not engaging with younger generations, which seems like a valid point.

One-time Arsenal and Tottenham defender Sol Campbell questioned the leadership credentials of Labour’s Ed Miliband, commenting: “I’ve captained a number of teams and it’s clear to see Miliband is no leader.”

Towards the end of the debate, Lineker made an excellent point – suggesting a change in the debate format that could revolutionise political discussion in this country:

But our favourite interjection came from Norwich midfielder Elliott Bennett, who simply said: