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22nd Oct 2022

KSI accuses Asda workers of selling Prime Hydration on the black market

Jack Peat

Bottles of the energy drink go for over 6 times the shelf price on eBay

KSI has refuted claims that there are shortages of his energy drink at ASDA – saying staff are selling them on the black market for a tidy profit.

It was reported earlier this week that bottles of Prime Hydration, launched by influencers KSI and Logan Paul, are selling out within minutes of the drink being restocked at stores across the country.

Shoppers have reported experiencing ‘madness in the aisles’ as youths scramble to get hold of the £2 sports drink as soon as they appear in stock.

Teens have been getting up as early as 5am to queue outside the stores before they open forcing some shops to limit each customer to three bottles per person.

The YouTuber, 29, launched Prime Hydration energy drink with fellow social media star Logan Paul, 27, and first hit the shelves back in January.

While it comes with a pretty reasonable £2 price tag, it turns out that the drinks are being resold on eBay for significantly more – with one search at the time of writing showing up cans listed for as much as £13.85 a bottle.

KSI explained in an interview with The Fellas podcast, which resurfaced in a Dexerto report, that the drink never seems to be available because ASDA employees are selling it for a profit.

“It’s always sold out, man,” he said. “Honestly, people are selling it on the black market.

“I sh** you not, the only place you’re meant to get Prime is Asda and Arsenal stadium. But people are getting it at petrol stations.”

The YouTuber then went as far as to suggest that ASDA employees aren’t even putting the drink on the shelves because they want the opportunity to profit themselves.

“Asda employees aren’t even f***ing putting it on the shelves anymore,” he said. “They’re shipping it out lowkey.

“They’re like ‘what’s the point, I put it on the shelf and it’s gone instantly. F*** it, I’m just going to sell it on the black market myself.'”

KSI added: “That’s what they’re doing, bro, and then people are making p’s from it because you can’t get it anywhere. It’s not like we’re not supplying enough, we’re supplying loads.”

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