Joe Biden's dog Major to become first rescue dog in the White House 7 months ago

Joe Biden's dog Major to become first rescue dog in the White House

The Bidens will bring their two dogs to the White House

Joe Biden's electoral victory is hugely significant for many reasons. Donald Trump's hateful, divisive regime has been brought to an end by the American people, meaning an actual politician is back in the White House, and one with some progressive policies to boot. It also means the White House will be home to two dogs, one of whom will be the first rescue dog to live there.


The Biden family are the proud owners of two German Shepherds, Champ and Major, with the latter being rescued from an animal shelter.

Champ joined the family in 2008, the same year Biden became vice-president to Barack Obama, whose two Portuguese Water Dogs moved in with him.

Major was adopted 10 years later, when Biden's daughter Ashley saw a litter of puppies needing homes advertised on Facebook. And he will now make history as he becomes the first rescue to dog to take residence at 1,600 Pennsylvannia Avenue.

The Biden dogs also have their own Instagram account, if that's your thing. Here is a lovely picture of future First Lady Jill Biden with Champ and Biden in the White House.

Here's another one of 'DOTUS-elect'.

I think we can all agree, they are extremely good boys and befitting of the Oval Office.