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14th May 2017

JME took over Jeremy Corbyn’s Snapchat urging people to register to vote

The collab of the year happened over a spot of brunch

Rich Cooper

Jeremy Corbyn is proving to be a big hit among grime artists.

Akala, AJ Tracey and Novelist have all publicly supported the Labour leader and encouraged their fans to go out and vote for his party.

The Boy Better Know co-founder JME has been a vocal supporter of Corbyn in recent weeks, and today the two of them met up for brunch, with JME taking over Corbyn’s Snapchat for the day.

On Snapchat, JME said: “Hi, it’s JME, Boy Better Know. I’m on Jeremy’s Snapchat to make sure you register to vote.”

The two men then talked about “music, education and art,” with JME explaining to Corbyn “why bare of us don’t vote.”

Fans of both JME and Corbyn were having a great time seeing the pair hanging out.

Though not everyone was impressed.