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09th Feb 2017

Jeremy Corbyn’s tweet about Brexit has resulted in a mixture of anger and mockery

For many this is the final straw

Nooruddean Choudry

Oh Jeremy.

It was meant to sound like a call to arms; a defiant message to Theresa May and her firm of right-wing Brexiteers. But Jeremy Corbyn’s tweet – after he helped the government’s bill to trigger article 50 pass through the Commons with a majority of 372 – backfired spectacularly.

Corbyn’s own attitude towards Brexit is less than ambiguous. He ordered a three-line whip to push through what he saw as a democratic mandate to leave the EU, but many feel his personal eagerness for a form of Brexit to happen was an undermining factor in Labour’s Remain campaign.

His tweet on Wednesday was bullish and forthright…

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon spoke for many when she replied incredulously:

In terms of the public, the overwhelming reaction was one of dismay and ridicule. For many it was far too little, much to late. And as much as many of the replies were humorous in tone, they were angry and frustrated in sentiment…