Jeremy Corbyn is 'considering stepping down' as Labour leader 1 year ago

Jeremy Corbyn is 'considering stepping down' as Labour leader

Like the rest of us, Corbyn is 'fed up'

Jeremy Corbyn is reportedly considering stepping down as Labour leader, almost four years after he was elected to lead the party in 2015.

Sources told the Evening Standard that some of those in Corbyn's inner circle also believe the 69-year-old is ready to bring an end to his time at the top of the party.

One member of the shadow cabinet told the Standard: “He’s tired and fed up.”

Another said: “Corbyn is ready to step down. He wants to step down.”

Corbyn's aim to bring the party further to the left, promoting an anti-austerity project that addresses the injustices in British society that have worsened during the Conservatives' time in power since 2010, has been somewhat successful. In the 2017 election, Labour gained enough seats to prevent the Tories from retaining a parliamentary majority.

But his leadership has come under increasing levels of scrutiny over the past year, with critics highlighting his lack of competence in dealing with an anti-semitism crisis within the party and ambiguity over his stance on Brexit.

Official Labour sources have denied rumours that Corbyn is considering resigning.

“Somebody has been eating too much cheese, or something harder,” one said.

“His diary is packed full. He does a lot more late nights than early mornings: meetings, engagements, receptions. He’ll be at the Kebab Awards tonight.”

Corbyn turns 70 in May, but Labour sources claim he is still “fit and healthy, the person that walks up the stairs instead of taking the lift."

If - and it's a big if - Corbyn were to stay on and win the 2022 General Election as Labour leader, he would become the oldest Prime Minister in the UK's history. But his age is the least of concerns for voters, who want more clarity over Labour's Brexit policy.