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21st Aug 2015

Italian town forces prostitutes into bizarre change of dress code…


Simon Lloyd

Thanks to a very health and safety conscious Italian town, the attire of local prostitutes is set do undergo a dramatic change.

The roads that enter the town of Spino d’Adda, not far from Milan, are frequently be lined by sex workers.

Seemingly very concerned for the prostitutes’ well-being, the town’s leaders are now insisting that each of them wear high-vis jackets so that they are seen by passing motorists. And those that refuse to comply will be fined up to £360.

Local Prostitutes Wear Reflecting Jackets

“Sex workers should be treated the same as road workers and obliged to wear clothes that render them more visible,” said the town’s Deputy Mayor, Luciano Sinigaglia.

Despite such a considerate gesture, some of the townsfolk reckon the law is not really about the well-being of the prostitutes, but to serve as more of a deterrent.

H/T Yahoo News