Insulate Britain compares not acting on climate change to 'letting the Holocaust happen' 7 months ago

Insulate Britain compares not acting on climate change to 'letting the Holocaust happen'

They have since deleted the tweet

A new week means new Insulate Britain stories - and this time, the pressure group has likened the climate crisis to the Holocaust which has not gone down well.


Taking to Twitter, the activist group said: "Those who know and are silent now will be known as bystanders, just as those amongst the general population in Germany who were passive and indifferent to the rise of Nazi Germany and the escalating persecution that culminated in the Holocaust."

The group ended the tweet with the hashtag "save lives" - but the message has since been deleted.

Ironman, who we doubt is actually Tony Stark, replied: "No, your silly little 'insluate Britain' protest is absolutely NOTHING like the industrial slaughter of Europe's Jews you absolute fucking cranks."


Similarly, another tweeted: "Okay you’ve gone WAY over the line now. You need to get off Twitter. How dare you!!!! There is no comparison to the Holocaust. You need to brush up on your facts and learn some history cause you’re talking out of your fucking ass now!!"

Insulate Britain has continually hit the headlines since their first protest. Whether it be for glueing themselves to the floor, blocking key London roads or taking abuse from people who claim not to have been rude, they are certainly making an impression.


However historically speaking, civil disobedience has instigated change.

Riots ignited the gay rights movement at the Stonewall Inn, feminism was birthed from the passionate acts of the suffragettes, and the Black rights movement was - and still is - flourishing through protest and civil disobedience.

Amid writing this article, Insulate Britain deleted the tweet. However, the same statement is still available in the above thread.

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