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31st May 2024

Influencer pays woman £15 to jump into lake and runs off when she says she can’t swim

Charlie Herbert

‘You should jump in the water right now’

A streamer has sparked anger after offering a woman £15 to jump in a lake and then running when she said she can’t swim.

Natalie Reynolds and her mates were taking part in a scavenger hunt set up by another influencer and were live streaming the whole thing on streaming platform Kick.

The hunt required participants to collect tags to win a price, and when the streamers came upon a lake, a woman nearby offered to “jump in” with Reynolds to help find one of the tags.

The stranger was pretty keen to get involved and Reynolds told her: “You should jump in the water right now. Just start swimming, and you’ll find it. Would you do that? You should jump in the water to find it for me.”

When the woman suggested Reynolds jump in with her, the influencer countered by offering her $20 (£15.60) to jump in the lake and find the tag.

After some back and forth, the woman eventually agreed, but not without asking what would happen if she ‘drowned’, adding that she hadn’t been “in the water” in a long time.

The woman then dived headfirst into the lake, Dexerto reports.

Reynolds then turns to camera and says: “Did you see her a**?”

When a park employee tells Reynolds that swimming in the lake is “illegal”, she says: “What the f*ck is going on? I thought she was working here or something. I can’t believe she did that. Is she mentally okay? I thought she was just trying to have fun. I thought she was drunk or something.”

From the water, the woman shouts: “You said it was OK… you told me to jump in.”

Reynolds replies “no, I didn’t” with the woman then yelling: “I can’t swim, I can only float.”

It is not clear who the woman is or how she got involved in the video.

The influencer initially appears worried and says: “Stop, seriously, you’re actually freaking me out. I’m going to f***ing kill myself. She says she’s drowning.”

But when one of her friends says she could “literally die”, they all run off and the camera then cuts to the group in a car.

A fire truck is later seen driving towards the scene, with Austin Fire Department confirming on social media that they were called to the lake for a rescue.

Whilst many raised suspicions over whether the whole video was staged or not, almost everyone seemed to be in agreement that it was wrong.

Reacting the video on Reddit, people unanimously slammed Reynolds for her behaviour.

One person wrote: “Why wouldn’t they stay and help her? That’s absolutely horrible. There is a special place in hell for people like this.”

Another said: “These people are focused on getting content and nothing else.”

“Streaming culture is horrible,” a fourth commented.

Others said they hoped Reynolds would face consequences for her actions. 

“Watching you convince that woman to jump in the water, then jokingly run away during her distress? Hope you giggle your way to prison,” one viewer wrote on one of Reynold’s Instagram posts. 

“This girl’s not right in the head that’s for sure. She deserves to face charges maybe that will teach her!” another person said. 

But Reynolds has hit back at the criticism, writing in a post on X: “The lady wanted to swim, they told me to leave and stop filming that’s why we left, and she got the help she needed and is fine. Stop dragging sh*t.”

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