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29th Sep 2022

Hurricane Ian washes man’s newly purchased $1 million McLaren out of garage and down street

April Curtin

McLaren submerged in water as Hurricane Ian engulfs Florida

Ernie had only had the supercar for a week

Hurricane Ian has whisked away a man’s brand new McLaren and sent it floating down the road –  and the images will break any car lover’s heart.

The life-threatening hurricane made landfall in the US on Wednesday, with maximum wind speeds of 150 miles per hour.

It has been classed a Category 4 hurricane – the second most powerful category after Category 5, of which there have only been five ever recorded in US history.

Severe flooding, high winds and storm surges have hit coastal areas in Florida – leaving two million people in the state without electricity.

Now, one man has been left without his supercar too.

The man, called Ernie, had recently purchased the yellow McLaren P1, which cost over $1million.

Ernie is the owner of several supercars, and regularly updates his followers on his collection.

The car fanatic shared images of the storm battering his neighbourhood, with high winds tearing through palm trees and waves of water gushing through the streets.

He also took to Instagram to share the news that has probably cost him a fortune.

“Car went thru the garage,” he captioned a picture of his submerged supercar, which previous posts suggested he had owned for just a week.

The post gained over 40,000 likes in less than 24 hours, with many rushing to offer words of comfort after the ordeal.

“I’m so sorry, that’s heartbreaking,” one said.

“Stay safe, cars are replaceable,” another added, gaining over 300 likes.

Before hitting Florida, the hurricane had already killed two people after bombarding Cuba on Tuesday.

Florida residents were ordered to leave their homes in anticipation of the storm, but some people decided to stay – including three men who decided to take a dip in the sea amid the dangerous conditions.

US Border Patrol is currently looking for up to 23 migrants who have gone missing after their ship sank during the storm.

US President Joe Biden has assured the public that the government will be there “every step of the way.”

“That’s my absolute commitment to the people in the state of Florida,” he added.

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