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29th Sep 2022

Shocking footage shows three Florida men trying to take a swim during Hurricane Ian

April Curtin

Huge waves drag one swimmer metres down the shore in just a few seconds

Crazy footage shows the moment three men went for a swim in crashing waves while Hurricane Ian rips across Florida.

The life-threatening hurricane made landfall in the US on Wednesday, with maximum wind speeds of 150 miles per hour. It has been classed a Category 4 hurricane – the second most powerful category after Category 5, of which there have only been five ever recorded in US history.

Coastal areas of Florida have already been hit by severe flooding, high winds and storm surges – leaving two million people in the state without electricity.

Florida residents were advised to leave their homes in anticipation of the storm. But some stayed, with three deciding the catastrophic hurricane had created the perfect conditions for a quick dip.

The CCTV footage circulating Twitter came from the Pierside Grill’s beach cam in Fort Myers, a city in South West Florida close to where the hurricane made landfall. The men can be seen getting battered by the high winds and waves, which dragged one swimmer metres down the shore in just a few seconds.

Condeming the “extremely dangerous” actions of the swimmers, Zach Covery, a hurricane specialist for Spectrum News, said: “I can’t believe I have to say this…. DO NOT GET INTO THE WATER!”

Before hitting Florida, the hurricane had already killed two people after bombarding Cuba on Tuesday.

Those who chose to remain in their Florida homes while the hurricane ravages the state have been warned to stay indoors in windowless rooms, and use a flashlight – not candles – if the power goes out.

US Border Patrol is currently looking for up to 23 migrants who have gone missing after their ship sank during the storm.

US President Joe Biden has assured the public that the government will be there “every step of the way.”

“That’s my absolute commitment to the people in the state of Florida,” he added.

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