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10th Apr 2024

Price of UK passports are increasing tomorrow

Ryan Price

This is the second rise in price of UK passports in under 14 months.

The Home Office has announced that the cost of a British passport will rise again from Thursday, just fourteen months after it last received a price increase.

The fees included with ordering a new passport will rise by more than 7 per cent tomorrow.

The cost of the document went up by 9 per cent in January 2023.

Millions of Brits urged to check urged to check passports
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The change in cost will apply to both those ordering a new passport, and renewing a current one.

A statement issued by the Home Office read: “The new fees will help ensure that income from these applications better meets the cost of delivering passport and associated operations, reducing reliance on funding from general taxation. The government does not make any profit from the cost of passport applications.

“The fees contribute to the cost of processing passport applications, consular support overseas including for lost or stolen passports, and the cost of processing British citizens at UK borders,” it continued.

“The increase will also help enable the government to continue improving its services.”

So what are the actual changes and how will it affect different members of the public.

Firstly, a standard online application made from within the UK will rise from £75.50 to £88.50 for adults.

For children, the price for a standard passport will rise from the current £53.50 to £57.50.

Your standard postal application will increase to £100.00 for adults and £69.00 for children.

If you’re living abroad and applying from overseas, the price of a standard online application will rise to £101.00 for adults and £65.50 for children.

A paper application will cost £112.50 for adults and £77.00 for children.

If you’re wondering when you need to renew, there are several answers. You must renew your passport if it has either expired, the date of issue was more than 10 years ago – if travelling to countries with the 10-year rule – or your passport does not have enough time left on it before it expires. 

It should take up to three weeks to renew a passport in the UK, but it can take longer during periods of high demand, such as before school holidays.

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