GMB weatherman Alex Beresford opens up on cousin's death in stabbing 2 years ago

GMB weatherman Alex Beresford opens up on cousin's death in stabbing

Beresford’s cousin Nathanial Armstrong was killed in a stabbing on Saturday morning

Good Morning Britain weatherman Alex Beresford has discussed the death of his cousin publicly for the first time on the show on Wednesday.


Beresford's cousin, Nathanial Armstrong, was killed in a stabbing in west London at the weekend just days after Beresford's had interrupted a GMB debate on knife crime with an impassioned speech on the topic.

“Nobody wins, everybody loses in these situations and that’s why it needs to be fixed," said Beresford on the show on Wednesday.

“It’s a very small demographic of boys that this is happening to, when we talk about black boys. There are so many positive role models out there that unfortunately we don’t get to see.

"So I understand why people will look and it and say 'this is a black problem'. It’s not."


"99 per cent of my friends are black. This is my group of brothers here, my nearest and dearest and there’s CEOs, accountants and people that own their own businesses," he added, citing himself and his friends as an example of success.

"We are a successful group of brothers who have grown up in similar environments and I think the key thing is that there is a choice. These boys do have a choice as well, you can go the other way."

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Asked by the show's co-host Susanna Reid if there had been any update in the police investigation, Beresford said: "I am still eager to hear from anyone who was in the area of Gowan Avenue shortly after midnight on Saturday.

"Any information you have could be vital in establishing what happened that night."


Earlier this week, musician Akala was widely praised for his appearance on GMB to discuss knife crime in which he further discredited the myth that knife crime is a problem solely among young black people.