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07th May 2021

Floyd Mayweather gives Jake Paul a ‘black eye’ after pair come to blows

Charlie Herbert

Bold move to wind up Floyd Mayweather…

Jake Paul and Floyd were involved in a viral confrontation on Thursday, as Paul nicked Mayweather’s hat off his head.

The two were squaring up to each other after Mayweather and Jake’s brother Logan faced-off at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The event was intended to hype up and promote the exhibition fight between YouTuber Logan and ‘Money’ Mayweather himself.

However Jake quickly stole the show as he made the bold decision to wind up the undefeated 50-0 boxer, who many consider to be the greatest pound-for-pound fighter of all time.

And just as it all seemed like it would just be some chest-thumping and shoulder-shoving, Jake lit the Mayweather fuse by nicking his hat off his head, and adopting the persona of a 10-year-old in the playground.

As you can see below, Mayweather didn’t see the funny side.

Funnily enough, Jake Paul only put the first 30 seconds on his Instagram, choosing not to show the next two mins in which Floyd continues to land hefty blows on precious Paul.

As you can probably imagine from the amount of cameras, crew and entourage involved in the scrum, Twitter is awash with different angles of the confrontation.

Mayweather can be heard shouting “I’ll kill you motherfucker’ and it was initially believed to be directed at Logan.

He was bellowing: “I’ll kill you motherfucker! Are you crazy? I’ll fuck you up, motherfucker. I don’t play motherfucking games. I’ll fuck you up.”

In a later post on his Instagram, it seems that Jake has (unsurprisinly) managed to get himself a black eye as a result of the confrontation.

It’s not even Jake that’s meant to fighting Mayweather next month. Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will face off in Miami on June 6, in what is probably the first ‘fight’ in boxing history in which the two participants are equally dislikeable.