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09th Apr 2024

First teaser for Joker 2 already shows another Joaquin Phoenix masterclass


It looks like it’s going to be a wild ride

With each passing week, we find out a bit more about Joker: Folie a Deux.

A new poster for the film was released last week, and the film’s first full trailer is set to arrive tonight.

However, before the full thing drops, we have been given a teaser – and it shows us another masterclass from Joaquin Phoenix.

“I’ve seen enough. Its cinema already,” one person wrote in response.

A second put: “More of joaquin phoenix’s incredible work.”

While a third said: “I’m beyond hyped this already looks like it’s going to be a deep emotionally engaging story just by seeing Arthur post the first film locked up.”

Bundled in together with the trailer’s announcement, it was revealed that the Motion Picture Association (MPA) had given the film an age rating in America and, of course, it’s R-rated.

This means that under 17s require parental supervision while watching the film, with the MPA stating this is due to “strong violence, language throughout, some sexuality and brief full nudity,” via Variety.

The first film was given the same rating due to “strong bloody violence, disturbing behaviour, language and brief sexual images.”

In the UK, 2019’s Joker was given a 15 age rating. Although it remains to be seen what the sequel is going to be rated in the UK, it’s fair to say that we can expect a similar rating for Joker: Folie a Deux.

Aside from this, most information about the Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix-led film has been kept under wraps, with the plot still remaining a mystery to fans.

However, what we do know is that it is set to be a jukebox musical, and will feature at minimum 15 versions of popular tracks, with Judy Garland’s ‘That’s Entertainment’ from The Band Wagon rumoured to be on there.

Whatever else director Todd Phillips has in store for fans remains to be seen, but we can assume we will learn more come the trailer’s release tonight at 6.30pm PT (02.30am GMT).

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