Today is the hottest day in February on record and tomorrow could beat it 9 months ago

Today is the hottest day in February on record and tomorrow could beat it

Book tomorrow off and get yourself down the beach

The Met Office have confirmed that Monday was the hottest February day on record in the UK, with Tuesday also set to be an absolute cracker.

As the mercury tipped 20.3°C in Ceredigion, western Wales, February 25 went down as the first winter day to surpass 20°C since records began. The previous hottest was a mere 19.7°C back in 1998, recorded in Greenwich, London.

However, it doesn't end there. The forecast for Tuesday is much of the same, with temperatures across the country, in particular western Wales and London, again expected to tip past 20°C.

Met Office meteorologist Luke Miall told JOE: "It is going to get cloudy tonight and, as we had this morning, the mist and fog will burn off very quickly with the temperature around 19°C or 20°C again.

"West Wales will remain warm tomorrow with London slowly reaching around 20°C today and so 20°C again tomorrow, which is exceptionally warm for this time of year."

The reasoning behind the somewhat unusual location of the warmest point is known as the Foehn effect. This is when wet and cold weather becomes dry and warm as it passes over the crest of the Welsh mountains.

As for the coming months and the summer, the Met Office insist that this spell is formed around a "blocked pattern" which tends to be isolated from forecasts for much further ahead. However, March is expected to be much closer to the average for this time of year after an unsettled period early in the month.