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13th Oct 2016

EVERYBODY RELAX – the great Marmite price war has been resolved

We're back in business

Matt Tate

What a harrowing 24 hours it has been.

Last night the internet went into meltdown after news spread that Unilever, the company that owns consumer favourites such as as Ben & Jerry’s, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Pot Noodles and Marmite, would have all of its stock pulled from Tesco’s website due to a pricing dispute.

The food giant was reportedly trying to hike up its prices by 10% in response to the tumbling value of the pound in post-Brexit Britain.

Tesco weren’t crazy about that idea, and swiftly moved to list all Unilever products on its site as “unavailable”.

Those products, to which you can also include PG Tips and Persil, are, according to Unilever, found in 98% of UK households. It was looking bleak.

But everyone worried about the future of their breakfast toast and teabags can relax: the squabble has apparently already been resolved.

Unilever confirmed the good news with a tweet on Thursday afternoon. In it they thanked all the customers that missed them while they were gone (for less than a day).

Tesco also released a statement commenting on the short-lived row. They said: “We always put our customers first and we’re pleased it’s been resolved to our satisfaction.”

Nothing to see here people. Britain is saved.

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