Dubai pubs and bars close due to Covid spike after influencers mocked UK travel ban 1 year ago

Dubai pubs and bars close due to Covid spike after influencers mocked UK travel ban

Bad news, influencers

Dubai has closed all of its bars and pubs for the entire month of February due to a spike in Covid-19 cases.


This comes after Dubai's New Year’s Eve celebrations, which drew visitors from around the world and led to an increase in cases in the city.

While bars and pubs must close entirely, restaurants and cafes are allowed to remain open until 1am.

Crowd limits have also been put in place in cinemas, hotels, shopping centres and other destinations.


This comes just one week after Dubai's officials stated that they could "confidently say the current situation is under control".

Since the beginning of 2021, coronavirus numbers in Dubai have been increasing, with January seeing 17 straight days of record reported daily coronavirus figures.

The city, which is a haven for celebrities and influencers, have featured prominently in news reports recently, mainly due to the notoriety of said influencers, particularly those from the United Kingdom.

Criticism has been widespread for these influencers, many of whom have spent large periods during the pandemic in the city, and have posted images and videos showing themselves enjoying Dubai's lavish lifestyle.


Claiming their work is "essential" and warrants their presence there, a number of them would go on to mock the UK's decision to add Dubai to a travel ban list.

One person, Henry Simmons, who is apparently the star of a show called Absolutely Ascot, reacted to the news by sharing a photograph from his balcony with the caption: "Oh, what a shame."

Another influencer, Sheridan Mordew, appeared on This Morning last month telling hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield that her presence in the UAE was warranted because it was her "job to motivate people".