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23rd May 2023

Dad helping ducks cross the road hit and killed by car in front of his children

Jack Peat

The father came to the rescue after seeing the mother duck and her babies having trouble crossing

A dad has been tragically hit and killed by a car just moments after he courageously helped a family of ducks cross a busy road.

According to local news reports, the man jumped out of his car after spotting the mother duck and her babies struggling to make their way through traffic.

He ushered them across a busy intersection in California, USA, making sure they got to safety at the other side.

But the heroic moment ended in tragedy after he was struck by a car and died at the scene, all while his own children helplessly sat in his car waiting for him to come back.

The driver of the car who ran down the father was a 17-year-old girl, the police have said, who immediately stopped and is cooperating with the investigation into the collision.

Several families and other children also witnessed the horrifying incident at Stanford Ranch Road and Park Drive on Thursday night.

Describing it as his “final act of kindness”, local news channel, KCRA 3, spoke to one 12-year-old who saw the tragedy unfold and had taken pictures of the victim’s touching gesture shortly beforehand.

Reporter Michelle Bandur said: “It went from a scene of pure joy and happiness to the worst outcome imaginable.”

Speaking to the channel, with his mother’s permission, William Wimsatt explained that no one moved through the intersection and drivers were waiting despite the lights being green.

He said: “He got out of the car and was shooing the ducks and everyone was clapping because he was being really nice.

“He helped them get up over the kerb because all the little baby duckies were having trouble and then he walked in front of our car.

“My mom rolled down the window and said, “Good job, good job,” and I said, “Good job” to him too.”

The second after the family had thanked the man, he was hit by the car, which William says seemed to come out of nowhere.

He said: “I didn’t see the car actually hit him. All I remember is the sound and then him flying across the intersection. His shoes and one of his socks were right in front of our car.”

Rocklin Police Department confirmed it is investigating a single car accident that killed a man at approximately 8.15pm local time on May 18 after he’d parked his vehicle at the intersection.

A spokesman said: “The man was reportedly trying to help some ducklings that were in the intersection.

“As the man was in the intersection, a teenage driver was headed eastbound on Stanford Ranch Boulevard. This juvenile driver struck the pedestrian who was in the roadway.

“The driver remained at the scene of the collision. Emergency first responders arrived to assist, however the man died at the scene.

“No arrest was made, and the incident is still under investigation. We would like to extend our condolences to all involved in this tragic event.”

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