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07th Jul 2023

Conspiracy theorists freaking out over man in green hoodie after woman’s ‘not real’ flight rant

Steve Hopkins

‘That guy is not real’

A woman’s viral rant on a flight that a passenger was “not real” has spiralled into a conspiracy involving a man in a green hoodie that, it seems, wasn’t even on the same flight.

The incident, on an American Airlines flight, happened as the plane prepared to depart Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and saw the unidentified woman walk up the aisle saying she had to get off the plane.

Video of the meltdown, which went viral Monday, sees the woman tell her fellow passengers: “I’m telling you, I’m getting the f*** off and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f*** off and everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it.”

Gesturing wildly with her hands, the woman continues: “I don’t give two f****, but I am telling you right now – that mother****** back there is not real.”

She then points to the rear of the plane, prompting other passengers to turn around to get a glimpse of the source of her concern.

While some social media users were quick to question the woman’s state of mind, others jumped to conclusions.

And they’re centred around a man in a green hoodie.

On what is now day five of the story, a random man is now getting the blame for the passenger’s meltdown, him and his green hoodie.

And, it seems he wasn’t even on the flight. He was just, on a flight.

Social media sleuths have suggested that the man in a green hoodie was on a plane in 2022.

“This is a still taken from a video in 2022,” one TikToker highlighted.

“This picture’s going around and everybody’s like ‘his eyes aren’t right’ and ‘he looks shady'”.

She continued: “Poor dude, he’s probably like ‘what did I do?'”

Other reports suggest the video of the man in the green hoodie has been doing the rounds on the internet since 2020 and had nothing to do with the lady or anything she encountered on the plane.

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