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28th Mar 2022

Chris Rock’s 2016 Oscar joke about Jada Pinkett resurfaces following Will Smith slap

Danny Jones

Will Smith's smack - Chris Rock Jada joke

The biggest moment of the night had some history behind it

After Will Smith shocked the world by appearing to hit Chris Rock live on television at last night’s Oscars, a joke by the comedian from back in 2016 has resurfaced and looks to add even further context to the very public falling out.

2016 was the last time Rock hosted and on that night, he made this joke in reference to the Oscars boycott and Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith:

Having had a number of stories about their personal lives made public in recent years – often by their own doing – it’s possible this joke hit too close to home and Smith’s attack was a response to more than just the joke made on the night.

Here you can see the moment the 53-year-old slowly walked up to the stage and hit 57-year-old Rock after he made a “G. I. Jane” quip about Smith’s wife, Jada’s appearance.

Jada suffers from alopecia which causes her hair to fall out – a condition she has spoken openly spoken about over the years – while the two seem initially amused by what Rock calls “a nice one”, Smith then proceeds to get up from his seat and approach the host.

On the night, the audio cut out following the altercation itself – but as you can hear in this uncensored clip – Smith repeatedly shouts “Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth!”.

While many online are debating whether this was a staged stunt, the Academy itself seemed to suggest otherwise, posting this tweeting condemning “violence of any form”.

Moreover, on Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain from the red carpet, reporter Noel Phillips confirmed that “it is not a prank”, adding that Rock is not pressing charges following the apparently genuine slap.

Smith actually went on to win Best Actor shortly after the incident and, during his acceptance speech, gave multiple nods to being a “fierce defender of his family” and “protecting them”, as well as how “love makes you do crazy things”.

He also went some way as to give an apology during a tearful five-minute speech, adding, “I hope the Academy invites me back”.

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