Cadbury hit by devastating shortage just in time for the heatwave 1 month ago

Cadbury hit by devastating shortage just in time for the heatwave

Ice cream sellers have got 99 problems...

Cadbury has been hit with a shortage of its iconic chocolate Flakes just days before the UK is set to be hit by a 30C temperatures.

Ice cream sellers could be facing some major issues because of the shortage, with the flake being an integral part of the famous 99 ice cream.

The shortage could not be coming at a worse time for ice cream sellers across the land, as the UK is set to experience scorching temperatures on Thursday and Friday this week.

Cadbury is currently owned by Mondelez International, and a spokesperson for the company blamed the shortage on supply chain disruptions and an increase in demand.

They said: "In line with what many other companies are reporting, we are experiencing some global supply chain disruptions, alongside a recent increase in demand for the product in the UK and Ireland above the levels that we agreed with our customers at the start of the year.

“This means we are experiencing some short-term stock challenges on Flake 99.


“We are working, and will continue to work hard, to resolve the situation, and are working closely with our direct distributive customers to manage stock allocation fairly based on initial forecasts."

Ice cream shop owner Lawrence Glauser told the BBC that he thought the situation was a result of Cadbury moving Flake production to the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Abby Beech, owner of Abbey's Ice Cream in Hessle, East Yorkshire, said she had been limited to just 10 boxes of the chocolate treat, with 144 Flakes in each box. She explained that at a large event "you could easily use eight or nine boxes."


This is the second year in a row that the nation has been hit with a shortage of the crumbly chocolate fingers.

Last year's shortage was blamed on a surge in demand for soft-serve ice creams.

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