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26th Aug 2022

Missing British brothers, 7 and 9, found dead after drowning in swimming pool on holiday

Danny Jones

Two British brothers drown Germany swimming pool

They were rushed to hospital but sadly could not be saved

Two brothers from the UK, aged seven and nine, have been found dead after drowning in a swimming pool while on holiday in Germany.

According to Bild and other German outlets, the British boys’ identities are yet to be released but local authorities have confirmed that their bodies were found in an outdoor pool near a lake they were visiting with family.

Responding to emergency calls, the boys were located by members from Germany’s specialist Technical Relief Agency (THW) and the DLRG (German Life Saving Organisation) around 5:59pm on Thursday before being rushed to hospitals in Aachen and in Cologne.

Local media confirmed both sadly passed away overnight.

The young holiday-goers were reported missing by their parents after they disappeared from the designated swimming area of Lake Rursee located in Simmerath, a spa city near the Belgian border that is frequented by tourists.

Investigator are now looking into the tragic deaths and while there are no current signs of foul play, prosecutors say they are trying to determine whether the deaths were the result of negligence.

Head of the head of the voluntary fire-brigade in nearby Simmerath, Christian Förster, told the MailOnline: “This is a really, really tragic event. What is of course tragic is that even though so many efforts were made, the boys ended up losing their lives”.

“I was there on the scene and it was really terrible. When you think about how young these boys were. It is impossible not to be affected by it.”

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