Blaze at Guy Ritchie's London pub for second time in less than seven months 3 months ago

Blaze at Guy Ritchie's London pub for second time in less than seven months

The director had to call firefighters on Sunday morning

Guy Ritchie's London pub has been engulfed in flames for the second time in a year after a balcony attached to the building caught on fire.


The director and actor had to call firefighters to the property at around 11.20am on Sunday morning, who were able to put out the blaze within 40 minutes and prevented it spreading to the rest of the property.

The fire on Sunday is thought to have started by a malfunctioning electrical device, and the damage was limited to the balcony at the back of the pub.

Firefighters managed to contain the blaze to the balcony (credit: SWNS)

One eyewitness to the blaze told the Daily Star: “I heard some pops and thought it was fireworks going on outside, but when I went out to have a look I saw the balcony on fire.

"My immediate thought was, ‘oh god it's happening again’, although after a short while it became clear that this fire wasn't as bad as the last one.”

It was only in June last year that another fire took hold of the pub, leaving its interior destroyed.


After the fire in June, Ritchie took to Instagram to thank the firefighter involved in tackling the blaze, writing in a post: "Twelve hours and seventy brave service men and women later. I admire your courage."

Ritchie opened up the pub in 2020 after buying it in 2018, and even serves beer from his very own Gritchie Brewing Company.


The Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels filmmaker previously owned a Mayfair pub, The Punch Bowl, but sold it in 2013.

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