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06th Sep 2021

Bette Midler says all women should refuse to have sex with men to protest Texas abortion law

Kieran Galpin


Midler calls out Trump, takes aim at Congress, and urges women to ban men from their bodies

Bette Midler has urged women to refuse to have sex with men until Congress guarantees them autonomy over their own bodies.

The acting powerhouse made the suggestion on Twitter after Texas announced its new abortion laws.

Midler wrote: “I suggest that all women refuse to have sex with men until they are guaranteed the right to choose by Congress.”

The law, which comes into force on September 1, means abortions are not allowed to be performed once a fetal ‘heartbeat’ is detected, which is around six weeks. Despite scientists highlighting that this is not a heartbeat at six weeks but instead a pulsating blood vessel, women and abortion providers can now be sued for breaking the rule.

In a separate post, Midler continued: “This isn’t about guns, speech, money or war. It’s about women, their lives, their bodies, and their autonomy.

“That’s what allowed the court to do shoddy work, with careless disregard, because who’s going to stop it? They only did the thing in the dead of night, without care or effort, because they believe women are so used to being gaslit that of course, they’ll just tolerate it.”

In another tweet, Midler took aim at former US President Donald Trump:

“How many abortions do you think #DonaldTrump paid for? Between the one-night stands, the mistresses and the ex-wives? The ones he managed to “catch and kill”? He’s the kind of guy that would pressure a pregnant girl to get an abortion, you know that, right?”

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