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08th Aug 2022

Asda slammed for ’embarrassing poorer families’ with new product redesign


Asda Just Essentials

Asda has been accused of not taking ‘dignity’ into account

Asda supermarkets have been criticised for a recent rebrand which people say is “embarrassing poorer families”.

Anyone who has shopped at the UK chain will be familiar with their Smart Price range which has basically operated as the company’s everyday essentials product line aimed at lower-budget shoppers for decades.

However, as of May, the range comprising of nearly 300 different items, has been renamed Asda ‘Just Essentials’ and has swapped the plain white and green branding for bright yellow packaging. The range contains 50 per cent more low-cost items than the Smart Price range it replaces.

While many online have have rightly celebrated the news, recognising that the affordable product line will help millions of families suffering amid the ongoing cost of living crisis, others are more concerned with its appearance.

Some on social media have posed the question of how some shoppers will feel “with their basket full of bright yellow labels”, suggesting that Asda may not have taken “dignity” into account.

One person on Twitter wrote: “It almost feels like Asda is taking the p*ss out of the cost of living crisis as well as us poor people having to buy their bright yellow brand as we can NOT afford to buy better.”

While the chain has been clear that the purpose of the new packaging is simply for the products to stand out on the shelves, it has still left some torn over the issue.

Speaking in an announcement for the Smart Price successor, Asda’s co-owner Mohsin Issa said: “We understand that customers are increasingly worried about the cost of living and want help to keep their grocery bills in check, whilst still being able to buy healthy and nutritious food for their families.

“Our new Just Essentials range has been specifically designed with this in mind, combing our lowest prices with a much larger and more diverse range of great value products to meet all household needs.”

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