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05th Apr 2024

Archaeologists left stunned by ‘humungous skeletons’ found inside cave

Joseph Loftus

Archaeologists have been left stunned by humungous skeletons found inside a Nevada cave.

Archeologists have been left absolutely boggled due to claims that a group of giant humans who stood at 10 feet tall once inhabited a cave in the USA.

Over the last century, there have been many reports of supersized human skulls, humungous handprints, and 15-inch sandals being uncovered inside a cave in Lovelock, Nevada sparking waves of curiosity.

The so-called ‘Giants of Lovelock’ stems from an old story told by Native Americans – but it isn’t just mythological hearsay as there appears to be a handful of truths too.

Archaeologists believe that the story has likely been exaggerated however there is some very strange evidence, reports the Daily Mail.

The story dates back to 1911 when a pair of miners entered the caves in search of guano, the excrement of bats and birds, which was a valuable source of fertiliser and gunpowder for years.

However, after digging deep into the caves, the miners allegedly discovered the skeletons of 60 people with many of them being exceptionally large – around seven and eight feet tall, or so the story goes.

While the evidence of these huge skeletons is minimal, further excavations did uncover ridiculously large sandals (in the region of a size 29) as well as handprints etched into the stones in the cave which appeared to be twice the size of an average human hand.

One theory is that the giant skeletons were once members of the Si-Te-Cah tribe as they, according to oral tradition, were very tall and had striking red hair.

According to Spanish conquistador Pedro Cieza de Leon, these were a group of fierce red-headed barbarians who were giants and wreaked havoc on many other tribes.

The tribe took no prisoners and were apparently especially savage to the point where all of the other tribes in the area eventually said enough was enough and banded together to wipe them out.

It’s believed that they did so by forcing the Si-Te-Cah into the Lovelock Caves, starting a fire at the entrance, and firing arrows at them until they were all killed.

While the story has baffled archeologists over the last 100 years, many modern experts believe that the Si-Te-Cah were not actually giants at all.

One people theory is that they were six-feet tall, which would make them much taller than the average man at the time, but not a giant by any means.

Other’s believe that the story was entirely fabricated in the early 1900s by entrepreneurs looking to cash in on bringing some tourism to the area.

The only thing we know for sure is that it worked.

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