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10th Oct 2021

Anti-vaxxers turn up at Jeremy Vine’s home and serve his wife with a ‘writ’

Danny Jones

Anti-vaxxers 'serve' Jeremy Vine and wife at their home

The TV and radio presenter wasn’t home, so the group decided to hand a ‘notice of liability’ to his wife instead

A group of anti-vaxxers turned up at Jeremy Vine‘s home to issue him a writ after they took issue with both his and the BBC reporting on Covid-19 and the vaccine.

Vine, who was not home at the time of the visit, shared a video posted by the group on his Twitter, explaining how the group served his unsuspecting wife with an “anti-vaxx writ” or, to use their words, “notice of liability”.

Furthermore, while his intial tweet expressed relief for the somewhat polite nature of the visit, the follow up shows a larger group of prtestors waiting around the corner should no one have answered the door. You can see the full clips below:

The two men recording the video (one of camera) – who, at one point, refer to themslevs as ‘The Resistance’ – visited Vine’s family home in London on Sunday morning. The broadcaster went on brief listeners on his Radio 2 show of the bizarre albeit indirect encouter around 12 noon.

As you can see in the first clip, the prospective protestors said there was no need to make the “huge point” they had prepared for, stating that they didn’t need to bring out the “yellow boards [placards]”. However, as the second video demonstrates, they were more than prepared to involve the police and semeingly have them serve the writ.

Following on from the warning that the large group would have “taken the whole street”, Vine then went on to reveal anumber of threatening message he had received in the comments underneath the repost of his reponse to the inital video:

Vine, who recently removed a tweet that was seen to be defending one of his guest’s offensive comments about minorities, already admitted that he was “unnerved” by the whole situation in the first instance – threatening remarks like should be handfled seriously.

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