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01st Oct 2021

Jeremy Vine viewers outraged as guest says ‘minorities have to be squashed’

Kieran Galpin

Jeremy Vine has since responded

After journalist and radio presenter Mike Parry suggested that ‘minorities have to be squashed’ during a panel discussion on the Insulate Britain protests, Jeremy Vine viewers are livid.

The 66-year-old media veteran was a guest on this morning’s Channel 5 show where Parry and fellow guest journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown discussed the Insulate Britain protestors who have hit the headlines numerous times over the past week.

During a discussion around the protestors, Alibhai-Brown suggested that right-wing outlets are not covering the subject in a similar way to farming protests.

But Parry disagreed, insisting that it was “not to the detriment of millions of others.”

He then continued to say that: “The problem in this country in all areas is that minorities always get the upper hand because we’re so tolerant, and minorities have to be squashed, like that… so that the rest of society can operate normally.”

Upon using the word squashed, Parry violently slammed his fist onto the desk in front of him.

Fellow panellists were quick to get the fire extinguishers, with Alibhai-Brown suggesting that Parry may be better suited in China than the UK. Longtime host Jeremy Vine replied, “Don’t think we want to do too much squashing of minorities on a Friday.”

The clip has quickly done the rounds on social media, and now Parry is in the firing line.

Actor and activist David Paisley tweeted the video alongside Parry’s quote and his own two cents.

“At what point do we start to discuss the media is complicit in early-stage fascism?” he questions.

One Twitter user did not mince her words at all, saying, “Hi Mike Parry. I’m a member of a minority. I’d just like to say if you try squashing me “like that” I’ll rip your f*cking balls off and feed them to the dog.”

When Metro news editor Joel Taylor questioned why this was acceptable, Jeremy Vine responded to the outrage.

“This would have been totally unacceptable had Mike been referring to members of ethnic minorities. In fact, this snippet does not make clear @mikeparry8 was actually talking about the eco-protesters who brought the M25 to a halt. He said they represented very few people in the UK,” he replied in a now-deleted tweet.

With Vine’s explanation, journalists and the public alike have begun tagging Ofcom in the video.

“Mike Parry needs to be reprimanded and removed for his outright bigotry and threats towards minorities. His actions contribute to the violence POC, women, LGBTQ+ and disabled people face today, @Ofcom what will you do?” read one comment of many.

Ofcom has yet to respond to the situation.

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