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30th Dec 2022

Andrew Tate arrested in Romania over human trafficking and rape charges

Jack Peat

It is believed that the Jerry’s Pizza box on show in his reply video to Greta Thunberg helped lead police to his location

Andrew Tate has reportedly been detained in Romania as part of a human trafficking and rape investigation.

The social media personality, who has recently been involved in a high-profile spat with climate activist Greta Thunberg, was seen being led away from a luxury villa by police.

A lawyer for the brothers confirmed their detention, Reuters said.

Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) also issued a statement, but did not name the Tate brothers, stating that two British citizens and two Romanian citizens were suspected of being part of a criminal group focused on human trafficking.

It also released a video of the raid, showing guns, knives, and money on display in one room.

Tate moved to Romania five years ago.

The former kickboxer rose to fame in 2016 when he was removed from British TV show Big Brother over a video which appeared to show him attacking a woman.

He went on to gain notoriety online, with Twitter banning him for saying women should “bear responsibility” for being sexually assaulted. He has since been reinstated.

“The four suspects … appear to have created an organised crime group with the purpose of recruiting, housing and exploiting women by forcing them to create pornographic content meant to be seen on specialised websites for a cost,” prosecutors said, according to the Reuters news agency.

The brothers have been under investigation since April alongside two Romanian nationals.

According to the Daily Mail, Romanian prosecutors believe the alleged criminal group ‘sexually exploited at least six women’.

A spokesperson for Andrew Tate told the news outlet: “We cannot provide any details at the moment regarding alleged reports that they have been detained; however, Andrew and Tristan Tate have the utmost respect for the Romanian authorities and will always assist and help in any way they can.”

There are reports that the Jerry’s Pizza box that got delivered on his recent Twitter rant gave his location away.

Posting on social media, Carol Vorderman wrote: “KARMA”.