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21st Apr 2018

More trouble for R. Kelly as he is dropped by his lawyer, publicist and assistant

Will Lavin

Things continue to go from bad to worse for R. Kelly.

In the wake of new allegations stemming from a BBC documentary titled R. Kelly: Sex, Girls, and Videotapes, R. Kelly finds himself dealing with yet more problems.

Dropped by his lawyer Linda Mensch, it is also being reported that Diane Copeland, who has been by Kelly’s side as his Executive Assistant for over 10 years, resigned from her job at the beginning of April.

But that’s not it. R. Kelly’s publicist Trevian Kutti spoke with Rolling Stone earlier today and informed them that “effective April 16th 2018, I no longer represent Mr. Robert Kelly.”

Coming just a few weeks after the BBC documentary R. Kelly: Sex, Girls, and Videotape, R. Kelly really isn’t having a great month. The documentary unveiled a hoard of new accusations that align with the cult-like allegations that were brought to the public’s attention about R. Kelly back in July last year. It was said that the women in his life, some of them supposedly minors, were being held at his home against their will.

New allegations have also arisen against the singer, claiming he “knowingly and intentionally infected” a 19-year-old woman with an STD.

A criminal complaint has been lodged against him, and Dallas police have said they are investigating.

A number of artists have spoken out against R. Kelly as of late, including Jack Antonoff and Vince Staples, who in an interview with Everyday Struggle’s Nadeska at Coachella last weekend described Kelly as a “fucking piece of shit.”

More on the story as it develops.