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16th Feb 2022

Fans lose it as video finally reveals how 50 Cent got upside for Superbowl performance

Kieran Galpin

50 cent

‘A lot of folks don’t know what it means to be built not ripped’

50 Cent’s surprise bat-like performance shocked fans across the globe as he rapped hanging upside down – and now a behind the scenes video has revealed how he pulled it off.

The rapper appears to lift himself up and wrap his legs around what is presumably a bar support of some sort. Moments later, the rapper hangs almost vertically to perform “In Da Club”, which parallels the original video.

50 Cent was only 28 when the song was first recorded and while many dubbed him as “fat”, others came to his defence.

“Whatever was holding 50 Cent in place up there was the real star of the show,” wrote one person. “Lol the first thought that came to mind was “oooo he’s gotten thick,” another said.

However most of the comments came to the 46-year-old’s defence, with one person clarifying that: “A lot of folks don’t know what it means to be built not ripped.”

Others were more impressed by the spectacle as a whole: “The fact that he even was rappin upside down was insane.”

This comes as Snoop Dogg was caught having a cheeky joint before the performance. The rapper, who is arguably synonymous with cannabis, was caught on what appears to be CCTV footage.

Fans of the 50-year-old musician have reacted online, with one writing: “Snoop has a free pass to smoke weed anywhere in the world. Literally anywhere.”

Another said: “Snoop is unbeatable lol,” while another added: “That man was buzzing in his performance.”

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