Snoop Dogg smoked a joint before performing Super Bowl halftime show, viral footage shows 6 months ago

Snoop Dogg smoked a joint before performing Super Bowl halftime show, viral footage shows

Did you really expect him not to?

Snoop Dogg is known predominately for two things: rapping and weed - so it's little surprise that just before he took to the stage for the Super Bowl halftime show this weekend, he smoked a joint.


Performing alongside other gods of rap like Eminem, Dr Dre and Kendrick Lamar, Snoop sparked a joint before grabbing a mic - as viral footage has shown.


The footage, which appears to have been taken from security monitors, was posted by US sports pundit Rafa El Alcalde.

Fans of the 50-year-old musician have reacted online, with one writing: "Snoop has a free pass to smoke weed anywhere in the world. Literally anywhere."

Another said: "Snoop is unbeatable lol," while another added: "That man was buzzing in his performance."

Dr Dre and Snoop opened the show with "The Next Episode" before paying tribute to their fallen friend Tupac Shakur with "California Love."


50 cent also made a surprise appearance, where he performed "In Da Club" before Mary J. Blige ripped into "Family Affair". Lamar then took to the stage, the same artist that Kanye West recently dubbed a "top tier" lyricist.

Eminem's rendition of "Lose Yourself" was incredible, more so after he defiantly took the knee.


While it was initially reported that the NFL forbid the rapper from taking the knee, reporter Mike Freeman said he had been told NFL bosses made no such request to Eminem.

He wrote: "The part of the show were Eminem kneeled? Report stated it was against the wishes of the NFL. However, NFL spokesman Brian McCarhy told me that report is false.

"The NFL watched every rehearsal this week and that element was included. Just passing along."

He also told FOX News: "We watched all elements of the show during multiple rehearsals this week and were aware that Eminem was going to do that."

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