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09th Mar 2018

Calum Scott names Michael Jackson’s Bad as the record that changed his life

Will Lavin

Record That Changed My Life

In the second episode of JOE’s Record That Changed My Life series, singer Calum Scott breaks down what makes Bad by Michael Jackson so special.

Michael Jackson’s Bad is a genre-defining album. It’s an album that sparked nine singles (out of 11 songs), five of which hit the number one spot on Billboard. The follow-up to Thriller, the biggest selling solo album of all-time, Bad is the third and final collaboration with Quincy Jones, an incredible body of work that went on to sell over 35 million copies.

Calum Scott is the British singer/songwriter who came to prominence thanks to his cover of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” that reached number two on the UK Singles Chart in 2016 and became the best selling song of that summer in the UK. His debut album, Only Human, is out now and features his “You Are the Reason” single and its reworked version featuring Leona Lewis.

Discussing how Bad, and Michael Jackson in general, changed his life, Calum Scott talks about the album’s artwork, how “Man in the Mirror” helped him when he was having a rough time with his sexuality, and how not even Ed Sheeran can compete with the King of Pop’s greatness.

“I had a really rough time with my sexuality and ‘Man in the Mirror” is quite substantial, I suppose, in terms of how I felt about myself because I knew that if I wanted to be happy then it would be who had to make that happen.”

Watch Calum Scott’s Record That Changed My Life below:

Calum Scott’s debut album, Only Human, is out now and available to download/stream here.