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03rd Oct 2018

Black Coffee at Hï is the Ibiza closing party you can’t afford to miss

Will Lavin

Ibiza is a special place

Sometimes known as the party isle and sometimes known as the white island, to the locals however it’s simply known as home.

If you want to get technical it’s the third largest of the Balearic Islands that sits in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain. 

But truth be told it’s the clubbing capital of the world and it sees millions of visitors every summer stop by to dance the night away on its beaches, in its bars, and at its super clubs.

I can remember the first time I ever visited Ibiza, it was about five years ago. I was one of those people who was super late to the party. While most of my friends had been to Ibiza on countless occasions dating back to the year they turned 18, I first flew to the island when I was 29. 

Throwing caution to the wind and trying to impress my girlfriend at the time, it was one of those “fuck it” moments. For years I’d put it off for reasons still unknown to me, but that moment I first set foot on the island I knew I’d made the right decision.

Partying, drinking, dancing, singing, sunbathing, eating ice cream, watching the sunset while floating in the sea, these are all things I crammed into the four days I was there. To say I had fun was an understatement.

Fast forward to 2018 and being invited back to Ibiza courtesy of Hï Ibiza, the club formerly known as Space.

A lot of things have changed for me personally since that first time I visited Ibiza. I no longer drink. I no longer have a girlfriend. And to be honest, I don’t club all that much anymore either. So this trip was always going to be interesting and it was always going to be experienced in a whole different way.

Opening its doors for the first time just last year, Hï Ibiza has played host to many of the biggest names on the EDM scene. But the reason I stopped by to visit one of the most talked about clubs in the world was Black Coffee.

And before you say it, nope, I’m not talking about the caffeinated hot drink designed to kickstart your day and then keep you up all night. I’m talking about the legendary DJ/producer. I’m talking about the South African house innovator. I’m talking about the very same guy whose song “Turn Me On” inspired Drake to flip it and introduce it to the masses via his More Life tape, with the help of his then bae Jorja Smith.

But aside from being present at his Hï Ibiza residency and witnessing his music touch club goers in person, I was also granted a chat with the man himself right before he stepped out on the podium in the club’s Theatre room.

Something I’d been trying to make happen for quite some time, I’d had many Black Coffee interviews cancelled in the past, or promises that fell through due to too many cooks in the PR kitchen. So being given the opportunity to finally speak to him after wanting to do so for so long, and then being blessed with the perfect position to watch him work, it was kinda surreal.

“They came to me at a time when I didn’t think I was even worthy of a residency yet.” 

Hearing Black Coffee say that literally made me laugh out loud. Worthy? He had to be kidding. He’s worthy of more  residencies than Michael Jackson sold records.

Continuing to remember when Hï first approached him, he said:

“The club didn’t even exist at the time. I had no idea how big Hï would be, and how amazing it would be because it was a blank canvas. It could have been the worst club in the world and I would have already signed the deal. 

“But everything just conspired beautifully, I think we have one of the most beautiful nights on the island. Everything about the room is incredible. The people that come through, the joy they come for, it’s so amazing to be on the other side of the room and watch people feel.”

Upon entering Hï Ibiza I remember being wowed at just how big it was because from the outside it didn’t appear to be all that vast. Sure, it’s made to look big and glamorous with its huge signs and its gigantic posters promoting the club’s weekly residences but all clubs do that and all too often it’s an illusion. But not at Hï, it was different.

Every room, garden or rooftop terrace we stepped into was something different from the last. I felt like I had fallen down the rabbit hole in Wonderland and I didn’t want to leave. One minute I was in Africa, the next I was on an Italian rooftop terrace, and the next I was transported into the future.

Known as the Theatre, the main room boasts a beautifully modernistic design and phenomenal levels of production, including kinetic ceiling displays, mesmerising LED screens and a sound system that sounds so clear that it’s like being in the studio when a record is being mixed.

In the second room you’re gifted a more intimate experience. The DJ booth is set at eye-level as to give the performer the ideal platform to connect with the crowd, and being that the party goes from sunset to sunrise when the natural sunlight streams in through the windows, breathing new energy into the club it’s truly breathtaking.

There’s also the Wild Corner, a unisex restroom complete with DJ booth, and the Magic Garden, a stunning open-air terrace reserved for industry types and guests of the DJs.

“I struggle to choose my favourite place to play outside of Hï. Honestly, I really do struggle.”

I can see why Black Coffee would say such a thing. I’ve been to hundreds of clubs in my time and this one not only had me in awe of my surroundings but it also reignited my love for club culture. It was nothing short of euphoric. 

As Black Coffee reeled off track, after track, after track, I could feel my consciousness get higher and higher. And I wasn’t the only one. Everyone inside the Theatre was moving in unison. The rhythmic backdrops laid out by the club’s favourite resident, it’s commander in chief, were mesmerising. The way in which the drum kicks woke up the speakers after brief moments of percussion-free synth patterns was truly sensational and spiritually uplifting. 

After witnessing everyone moving to the same beat, reaching for the same ceiling and jumping up and down on the same floor, the only accurate way to describe the vibe in Hï is religious. It seemed to be all about love. No beef. No drama. No extra shit. Just love.

“In almost every club I go to they try to emulate what happens in Hï,” explained Black Coffee. “The Theatre is a very special room. I never in my life thought I could ever experience anything like it. There are nights you might draw a minimum of 5000 people, but they’re 5000 people who are really there for the sound and the vibe. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing at other clubs but Hï is just a very special place.”

I might have been physically exhausted by the time I left the club at around 6:45 in the morning but my spirit wanted to keep going. Was it the music? Black Coffee’s energy? The club’s decor? The strangers who became friends all at the drop of a bassline? Or was it my soul falling back in love with a culture that always goes above and beyond to make its inhabitants feel included? Whatever it was it felt fucking good.

With just two closing parties left at Hï Ibiza it’s highly recommended you go – I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

The final Afterlife residency at Hï Ibiza takes place Thursday October 4th while Black Coffee is set to deliver the closing party of all closing parties on Saturday October 6th. For more information and tickets visit: