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23rd Apr 2016

You can use Google search to locate your lost Android smartphone

It's not just for iPhones anymore.

Ellen Tannam

iPhones-users have long spoken of the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature, which uses remote location services to help you retrieve your lost handset.

What about poor Android users, though? Well, CNET has shared this trick for how you can do the exact same thing with your non-Apple device.

For the feature to work you must have the Google app installed, Now cards enabled, Web and App technology enabled, Google Now notifications turned on, and finally, location reporting should be set to ‘high accuracy’ mode.

Firstly you log in on a PC with the same Google account you have enabled on your phone.

Then, you type the phrase ‘find my phone’ into your Google search bar on your computer.

Google will then display a map of your device’s location, and if you give it a few seconds, it should be correct.

But about if your phone gets lost inside your house? You simply click on the icon for ‘ring’ on the map displayed and your phone will ring at full volume for up to five minutes, giving you plenty of time to check under all those couch cushions.