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18th Feb 2024

Woman shares ‘inhumane’ amount of time given off work after the death of her brother


“Corporate America is not forgiving. It’s inhumane.”

A woman has left viewers reeling after sharing the amount of time her work gave her off following the death of her brother.

TikToker @later_kates shared her tale on the platform via a short video showing her grieving while sat at her desk.

“Work: Sorry your brother died. Take all the time you need, we have a generous bereavement package of 3 days,” the text over the clip reads.

The clip, which was posted 5 days ago, has amassed over 4 million views at the time of writing.

It has evidently hit a chord with many viewers, who have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts and fellow stories of working in America.

@later_kates Working in corporate America 🙃 #sibblingloss #greiving ♬ Little Life – Cordelia

“After returning from my 3 day bereavement, my work sent me to meet a new client. At the hospital my mom died at. I immediately put in my 2 weeks,” one person shared.

“5 days paid bereavement when I lost my son,” another wrote. “Used up all my PTO, but coworkers donated their PTO for me so I had enough for 1 month.”

A third person shared their story: :Had a family member pass and I got wrote up for performance issues because I couldn’t stop crying at my desk. It’s unbelievable how they treat us. I’m so sorry.”