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19th Nov 2023

Woman reduced to tears as 400 people tune in to watch her paint on livestream


She struggled to hold back her emotions

A woman on TikTok was left in tears earlier this week after 400 people tuned in to watch her paint during a livestream.

Karen King, who recently went viral with her TikTok account (@newkentart), caught the eye of people on the app.

During one of her most recent livestreams, Karen was painting a seagull before she noticed an influx of viewers who watched on as she created her masterpiece.

King has since uploaded part of the livestream in a separate video, where she captioned the post: “POV – you are painting live and suddenly get 400 people watching and you start to cry.”

“Normally, I have earrings and makeup on and I have none of that today,” she said as she began to notice the increase in the number of people watching.

“Oh my goodness… 134? No way,” she added as it continued to grow. “This is definitely the most anyone has watched, how silly of me.”


#CapCut Im still in shock! Ive gone from 4 people watching to 28, to 400 and then 7000!!!!! Im not sure how!?!? Join me live today! #art #painting #live #shock #shooketh

♬ original sound – omarcito

Viewers loved the wholesome reaction and at one point over 6,000 people were watching on.

“It’s kinda embarrassing watching it back but the emotions were so real I couldn’t hold back,” King said.

“Thank you all for being so supportive.”

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