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02nd Nov 2022

Woman gets partner tattooed on her face – after they ‘cheated’ on her

Charlie Herbert

‘I have DADDY’S face tatted on me even though DADDY cheats’

A TikToker has left people confused after getting a face tattoo of her partner who allegedly cheated on her.

Narally Najm, who boasts about getting banned from TikTok ‘daily’, has been keeping fans updated on her life and relationship status after welcoming a son, King, into the world.

She shares her son with her ex, Laura, who she often refers to as ‘daddy’ in her videos.

But last month she revealed to her followers that Laura had been “cheating on her this whole time.”

One video shows the three family members huddled together in front of a mirror, with a caption explaining: “Thinking we were the perfect family. Just gave her a son a week ago, we bought a home and everything seemed so real… Just to find out she been cheating… Even while I was in labour.”

TikTokers rallied around Narally in the wake of the revelation, with one telling her she ‘deserve[s] better’, but Narally then stunned viewers with her response to the situation.

She decided that the best way to deal with the situation was to get Laura’s face and name tattooed on her face.

@narallynajm13♬ Butterflies Pt. 2 – Queen Naija

Showing off the cheek tattoo on TikTok, Narally wrote: “When everyone jealous of me because I have DADDY’S face tatted on me even though DADDY cheats.”

The TikToker didn’t stop with one tattoo, and later revealed a second on her neck, alongside the caption: “Daddy DADDY DADDY! [I don’t care] WE NOT TOGETHER AND THIS IS WHAT I WANT.”

Responding to the clip, one viewer wrote: “If I were the artist.. I wouldn’t allow it.”

Another commented: “i just don’t understand.”

In a follow-up video, Narally also showed off a wall of her house that is devoted to her ex, covered in images of them together.

@narallynajm13♬ Butterflies Pt. 2 – Queen Naija

Laura herself has responded to the situation, saying that there is “no such thing as loyalty,” and warned she would “turn up on this app with a lot of girls” if Narally kept “pressing” the matter.

In a video of the pair together discussing the matter, Narally tells Laura that the tattoo isn’t for her by is “for myself.”

She then says: “I don’t know why she thinks I got my tattoo for [herself]. I didn’t get my tattoo for [her].”

Just another normal saga on TikTok.

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