Why do sex toys keep washing up on this Irish beach? 6 years ago

Why do sex toys keep washing up on this Irish beach?

Come on, who was it? 

The seaside village of Quilty in Co. Clare, Ireland, has been left utterly bewildered as a "spate" of sex toys have washed up on their beach.


Local man Martin Kelleher was walking his dogs on the beach when he found a bright pink rampant rabbit after his dog began licking the object.

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The Rampant Rabbit, via Ann Summers


He told The Sun: 

"It’s a good thing there were no ladies around or there might have been a fight for it.

"You wouldn’t know where it’s come from. There’s a few fishermen around but I doubt it has come from any of their boats.

"I posted the pictures online and a few people were joking that I’d found the Easter bunny."


Coincidentally, this is not the first time Martin has found an X-rated object on the small beach.

He continued: "There’s been a spate of them. I found another one on the same beach just before Christmas. That one was a bit more lifelike. I can’t explain it."

Coincidence? Maybe.