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03rd Jul 2016

Watch this magician’s trick go horribly wrong on live TV


Laura Holland

A magician’s trick went horribly wrong live on Polish TV, leaving one of the presenters screaming in agony.

We’re used to TV shows bringing on magicians or illusionists for a segment. The magician does a trick, wows the crowd and leaves us all scratching our heads wondering how he or she does it.

But the last thing that most magicians want to happen is for their illusions or tricks to go wrong, especially when it’s a dangerous one which leaves one of the presenters badly hurt.

But that’s exactly what happened to Pan Zabek when he demonstrated what proved to be a very dangerous trick live on Polish television.

The magician joined presenters Marzena Rogalska and Tomasz Kammel on their morning show Question For Breakfast and decided to try out some tricks on them.

He hid a nail in a brown paper bag and switched them around. Then he asked one of the presenters, Rogalska, to smash through the bags. You can probably guess what went wrong here. Yes, that’s right he messed up the trick and she ended up pushing her hand right through the nail.


Image and video via YouTube/KEJDI & JEBANY