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10th Nov 2023

Waitress outraged after discovering veggie restaurant uses meat products in dishes

Charlie Herbert

Waitress outraged after discovering veggie restaurant uses fish products in dishes

‘I’m very upset that I was misled’

A woman has been left disgusted after finding out that the veggie restaurant she works at has been using meat products in its dishes.

In a post on Reddit, the waitress wrote: “Full disclosure I am vegetarian, so this does hit close to home for me.

“One of the reasons I started this job is because they catered so well to vegetarians and even vegans. They offer tofu options for everything and we serve a large number of vegetarians and vegans.

“That was actually one of the things that helped me stand out as a waitress because I could help meet dietary restrictions.”

To make sure she was the best she could be at her job, she started learning what went into each of the veggie restaurant’s dishes.

Whilst doing her research into each dish, she discovered that lots of them were made with oyster sauce, which contains both oyster and fish ingredients.

This made sense to the veggie member of staff as the dishes had “always messed with my stomach.”

She continued: “I assumed it was because they are rich or have a lot of oil. But I’m very upset that I was misled and served meat and I’m even more upset that I served it to other vegetarians.”

The waitress added that she didn’t believe the use of the fish products was intentional.

She explained that she knows the restaurant owners well but that they had previously messed up when she went to their house for food. They had made her a dip with imitation crab that they mistakenly assumed was vegetarian.

She added: “I assumed they messed up because this was a chill environment. But I had confidence that they knew what they were doing in the kitchen.”

She asked the Reddit community for their advice on whether she should speak to the restaurant owners, but said she wasn’t sure it would do any good because they “shoot down every idea, plan, and criticism.”

The waitress continued: “I’m just at my wits end here and I don’t know what to do. I honestly want to quit. This isn’t the main reason, it’s just the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I mean best case scenario is that they are just grossly incompetent. What would you do? Am I overreacting?”

Most of the responses to her post were ones of shock, with many agreeing that by not making their use of oyster sauce clear, the restaurant were posing a health risk to customers.

One person responded: “I’m extremely allergic to fish, so your restaurant could put someone like me in the hospital.”

Another echoed: “They’re gonna kill someone with a shellfish allergy.”

“Maybe spin it as a possible allergen concern?” commented another.

“Oysters/shellfish are top 10 allergens and if you set it up as public health and legal reasons, the owners might be more receptive (aka money).”

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