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09th Nov 2023

Vegans slam Sainsbury’s ‘disgusting’ Christmas card with pigs in blankets joke

Joseph Loftus

‘Incredibly bleak and sad’

Vegans and animal lovers alike have been left absolutely raging over one of Sainsbury’s many Christmas cards with some describing it as cruel, while others have referred to it as offensive.

The card in question was spotted by one customer at the Charlton store in London who was absolutely gobsmacked by the words which were mounted above the cartoon pigs head.

The image shows two absolutely frozen pigs who are coated in a blanket of snow.

The message above them reads: “Don’t worry, I hear we’re getting some blankets.”

Just a bit of a laugh or a real life reminder that maybe now comedy has really gone too far? Taking to X, many argued the latter, with one person saying that they were in fact so disgusted by the card that they’ll never shop at Sainsbury’s again.

Others said that the card was “grim”, “disgusting”, “terrible”, “horrible”, and “sick”.

Despite the backlash, Sainsbury’s don’t seem too fussed and are actually welcoming customer feedback.

The original tweet, which was shared to X, went as follows: “Hello Sainsbury’s, I know everyone’s sense of humour is different but I think this is the saddest, unkindest Xmas card I’ve ever seen.

“I wonder if you’ll sell lots of them. I saw the card in Sainsbury’s and thought it was unkind, sad and not really very funny.

“I’m not trying to get it banned. Just wanted to point out that it’s not a funny or seasonal card.”

The tweet, which has since gone viral, received a number of comments from likeminded folk.

One wrote: “That’s awful. Shame on you, Sainsbury’s. That is very offensive to vegetarians, vegans and basically animal lovers.”

Another commented: “Sainsbury’s, this is offensive.”

A third wrote: “I eat pork, but yeah. That’s incredibly bleak and sad.”

Others have vowed to boycott the store.