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02nd Dec 2023

Viral video of Norwegian babies left alone in freezing weather to sleep shocks foreigners

Callum Boyle

Norwegian babies

Viewers have been left baffled

Viewers have been left baffled, and understandably so, by footage of babies being left to sleep outside in the cold.

The temperature has plunged in recent weeks across the UK and even wrapping up in sweaters, coats, hats and gloves, going outside in it is the last thing anyone would want to do.

Babies are one of those who don’t have as much choice in when they go outside as parents wheel them around left, right and centre but on the whole, you’d expect it to be better for them to be staying warm more so than not.

However in Norway, that’s not the case.

Footage of not just one, but multiple babies being left outside to sleep was posted by Aussie TikToker Olly Bowman (@mrmelk_) earlier this year.

In the video, Bowman wrote: “Another day in Norway, another group of babies left out alone in the cold. Look how many there are.”


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Those who were watching were shocked by what they saw.

“Are babies not kidnapped in Norway? My anxiety would never,” commented one.

Someone else said: “No. Freaking. Way.”

A third wrote: “I’m sorry WHAT.”

While it seems unusual for many, leaving babies out to sleep in the cold isn’t all that uncommon in some cultures.

Bowman explained: “It helps with their breathing and makes them more independent.

“It’s actually why so many people leave home earlier in Norway than other countries.”

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