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01st Dec 2023

Expert issues warning over when it’s too cold to walk your dog

Nina McLaughlin

An expert has spoken out on whether the weather is too much for your dog

Anyone who is in the country right now is pretty aware that winter is here, and it doesn’t look to be going anytime soon.

Although the cold isn’t particularly pleasant, us humans have ways of battling against it by wrapping up warm in hats and scarves and putting on our big boots.

For our furry friends, however, it isn’t that easy. But at what point is it too cold to be bringing your dog outside?

Co-founder of puppy training app Zipzag, Lorna Winter, spoke to Metro about the freezing conditions.

“If you need a hat and scarf to be standing outside, it’s likely your pup will be cold too,” she shared.

“If they’re moving around then the exercise might be keeping them warm, but pavements are cold and puppies are close to it so feel the cold.”

She continued: “Breeds that are better at tolerating the cold (often because they have thicker fur, a double coat or a heavier frame) include Newfoundlands, Siberian Huskies, Tibetan Mastiffs and Norwegian Elkhounds.

“Breeds that have shorter hair and are smaller are less able to cope with cold weather. This includes Chihuahuas, Whippets and French Bulldogs.”

Winter added that owners can help their pets cope with the cold by purchasing them some outerwear of their own, and even invest in a pair of booties.

However, when temperatures plummet below -5C, it may be too cold for even the most wrapped up of dogs to be going on their walkies.