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27th Jun 2015

Video: Really tall guy pretends he’s in the NBA…everybody buys it

Tall story...

Ben Kenyon

If you’re 7ft tall, have a suit and are heading to America any time soon you might want to try this ruse.

Free booze, parties, fame and even a pierced nipple will be yours.

This is exactly what happened when Elite Daily writer (and professional tall guy) Connor Toole pretended he got drafted in the NBA.

He donned a suit, cap and shades and headed down to the Barclays Centre to masquerade as a basketball star.

His disguise seemed to work like a charm. He posed for photos, signed autographs and then went and got a*seholed around New York City with his adoring new fans as the newest member of the Utah Jazz.

If there’s a sport where short, chubby blokes rule, let us know please…

H/T Elite Daily